Simplify your day with DNA

Stronger U’s Daily Nutrition Assistant is a digital sidekick that connects you with your coach and guides you on your journey to complete food freedom.

  • Log

    Easily record your daily food consumption, water intake, body weight, and more.

  • Track

    Monitor your journey with our interactive progress tracker.

  • Connect

    Message your coach whenever you have questions or need support.

  • Learn

    Our knowledge base will help you become a nutrition expert in no time.

Humans coaching humans

DNA was designed to enhance, not replace, the relationship you have with your coach. Through actionable data insights and human to human accountability, you’ll reach your goals and establish healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

"I love how easy and quick it is to complete check-ins. Your coach is even able to send video feedback within the app! "

Casey Collins

Stronger U Member