So You Want To Lose Weight?

Nick Sorrell


Want to lose weight?

Quit googling fad diets.
Quit doing endless cardio.
Quit thinking there is some secret. 
Quit removing every single food you enjoy.
Quit buying the supplements your friend sells.
Quit listening to people who haven’t lost weight.
Quit blaming your metabolism.
Quit waiting til tomorrow.

Quit all that stuff.

And then…

Start eating less.

Like, yo.
Did you hear me? THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO. That’s it.

It isn’t the clean foods and it isn’t the sodium and it isn’t the carbs and it isn’t the water and it isn’t whatever other crap you’ve been made to believe.

Literally, NONE of that stuff matters until you put a focus on how much you eat.

Now, it’s not always that easy.
People are complicated and messy and things take time to change.

But at the end of the day — there is one rule you have to follow. And that rule:

You have to eat less.

There. Now you know the one secret trainers don’t want you knowing.

Go be skinny.

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