The Stronger U Round Up — June 2019

Mike Doehla
Founder and CEO

Member Spotlight

Hey there, SU’ers!

I’m not sure about you, but I had to double check the calendar to be sure that it was actually July 1st today. Is it really almost July 4th already? I know, it’s hard to believe. The month of June was a busy one, full of blogs, podcasts, get-togethers, and special moments inside our incredible community. Let’s check out some of the amazing things that happened in the Stronger U universe during the month of June!

Member Highlights

It has been exciting watching so many of you take part in the #SUrunsJune challenge by either running or walking a mile each day of the month. Don’t think all of that hard work has gone unnoticed. We’ll be officially announcing a winner in the group here in the next few days, so if you’ve been taking part each and every day, stay tuned.

The month of June hasn’t been marked by just running and walking. We’ve had some really extraordinary things happen inside our community that highlight just how special all of you are. For example, June 5th was coach Ariana Scalfo’s birthday and we know how deep Ariana’s love for her dog Freyja runs, but it doesn’t stop there. Her love of dogs extends to ALL THE DOGS in the world, so how did you all celebrate her birthday? Danielle Goldstein started a thread for us to wish Ariana a happy birthday and sharing our puppy pics with her. The response was insane. We had over 400 different pics of your beautiful fur babies to help her celebrate her special day.

In addition to that, SU members Chelsea Kuzmak and Alison Benjamin were an inspiration to us all when they showed off their incredible transformations with the help of Stronger U and choosing to be alcohol-free. We were all blown away by not just the changes they made, but the responses from so many of you who took inspiration from them. Great job, Chelsea and Alison!

June was also a month of reaching to new heights for many of us. For some, it was metaphorically, setting PR’s in the gym or hitting new milestones. For others, like SU member Summer Rehkop, it was about literal peaks, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Summer. Summer accomplished this amazing feat thanks to her consistent hard work, dedication, and guidance from coach Syndi Acampora. Congrats on such an accomplishment, Summer!

Summer wasn’t the only SU member climbing to new heights in the month of June, though. Back in August Katie Gradishar signed up and started her journey with her coach, Bonnie, to lose 30lbs and get ready for her trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. Fast forward to this June, and all of Katie’s hard work clearly paid off. Congrats to you, Katie!

If you’re not in the SU Member’s Group and would love to see what all is happening in the Stronger U world, you can find out more about what we do and how to become apart of our community here.

Member Spotlights

In the month of June, we had two member spotlights, highlighting Jesse Solomon and Morgan Crane. Jesse worked with Nick Sorrell to get down to a single digit body fat percentage, then turned right around and bulked up, helping Jesse add the muscle to his frame that he’d been looking for. Morgan Crane worked with Denise Schumann to drop 48lbs that she didn’t even know she had to lose, but along the way, she completely changed her relationship with food, picked up strength training as a new hobby and has become a true leader within the Stronger U community. We were also excited to host Morgan in the first ever Member Spotlight Podcast – more details below. If you haven’t listened to it yet, we highly recommend it. Morgan shares some great insight and inspiration about her journey that is highly valuable for new and veteran members alike.


Stronger U Radio was busy during the month of June with five brand new episodes for you to listen to. This month features include:

  • How mindset and emotions impact your ability to stick to a program. We broke down the SU Journal Club where we learned about self-conscious emotions like shame and guilt, and how those emotions can play a role in sticking to, or starting a program.
  • What do before you join Stronger U, with Morgan Crane. Mike and Tanner brought Morgan Crane onto the show to learn more about her journey, what the Stronger U process was like for her, why it worked, and what words of wisdom she has for anyone thinking about joining.
  • Weight loss and menstrual irregularities. Dr. Jessica Bachman and Erin Ferner, RD came onto the show to breakdown another installment of the Journal Club to talk all about menstrual irregularities and how weight loss can play a part.
  • Weight loss: Does age matter? Mike and Tanner hopped on the show for another blog review, this time breaking down some of the misconceptions around age and weight loss. We learned about how much age actually does impact weight loss, why it happens, but why it might not happen for all the reasons that we think.
  • Move to maintenance without freaking out. Maintenance is a stage in any member’s journey that comes with its own list of questions. It’s typically nothing like the weight loss phase, and for many people, can be challenging to experience. In this episode, coach Derek Stanley joined Tanner to talk all about maintenance, why it can be such a challenge, and how members can learn to navigate it so that they maintain their results for a lifetime.


We got down and practical in the series of blogs this month. Tanner covered some of the reasons that we find ourselves messing up our diets, and why our brain tricks us into doing those things we don’t want to do. After that, Mike reviewed how you can navigate a snack filled house. Then Tanner recapped the Stronger U Journal Club meeting, which covered some very important and useful information around hydration. And we concluded the month with an overview from Tanner on self-sabotage, with one little actionable tip that we can all carry with us to get back on track when we do.

Facebook Lives in the group.

We also had a really active month of lives. Several of our coaches, along with Mike, got on FB and gave us the real deal on all things nutrition, alcohol, and getting results that last a lifetime. June’s sessions included:

  • Mike on for a live Q&A to answer questions around maintenance, why single macro foods can play a big part in helping people stay on track, why protein is an all-star macro, and why we’re never really done with the skills we learn at SU.
  • Josh followed-up with his very own Q&A how to handle cravings, how to manage our food environment and set ourselves up for success, protein requirements, and his favorite books.
  • Jason and Dru went live for a Q&A to answer questions around timing meals, workouts, how they fuel themselves for long-distance training, and how they handle their training and recovery for long distance endurance events.
  • Mike and Jeb joined forces once again, talking about some of the mindset changes that come along with maintenance, fluctuations on the scale, the importance of portion control, and why we should focus on the big rocks that move us forward.
  • And last but not least, Glen and David went live for the first time to talk about Glen’s evolution as a client into a coach, behavior change, their own dietary plans for the summer, and how less can be more when it comes to check-ins.

If you’re not in the SU Member’s Group and would love to see what all is happening in the Stronger U world, you can find out more about what we do and how to become apart of our community here.

Upcoming Events

On July 28th Mike Doehla and Derek Stanley will be in Carrboro/Chapel Hill, North Carolina to talk all about dietary strategies and solutions to common issues that cause dieters to stumble. We’re expecting a great turnout, not just from SU members in the area but SU coaches as well who are looking to make the journey. So if you’re available and in town, come hang out with some of your favorite coaches and make new friends!

You can find more info about the event here.

Stronger U: Not Just Online

June was not just a special month for our members, but also for the Stronger U team as Central Operations, the group that works behind the scenes, came into town to spend a week together working and brainstorming all of the ways that we can continue to try and improve your experience with Stronger U. But don’t worry, we didn’t spend the entire week working. We grew closer as a team thanks to sharing meals together, hiking Mt. Beacon, and even taking a boat ride along the Hudson River.

With the Central Operations team in town, we had to have a meet-up for local members in the Hudson Valley. We all got together at the Newburgh Brewing Company to hang out, talk, and get to know one another offline. The night was full of too many highlights to count, but one of our favorites Dr. Jessica Bachman and Branden Hazelwood learning how to swing dance! We also got an awesome picture with everyone who showed up. It was a packed night at the brewery, but we did our best to take it over.

A Quick Note from Mike

As many of you know, I recently created a set of shared values for you as members, just as we as coaches and leaders have a set of corporate values. I wanted to reshare them because I think it is important to reinforce that when you are thinking about how it’s going. what can be better, how to handle situations, etc., that you have a set of values to reflect upon. If you live this life, you will be a success story.

The Stronger U Member Manifesto
Practice patience– Change takes time. Expect and embrace it.
Be open-minded– This is a learning experience that may feel uncomfortable at first. Everything we do is about making you better today, tomorrow, and beyond. This might mean doing things differently than you’ve done in the past.
Be supportive– We’re better together and we expect you to be polite, helpful, and present when you’re able to help another member.
Anticipate challenges– Stuff happens and you will be thrown off from time to time. Look ahead and envision how you can make the most of a difficult situation before it happens.
Be curious– Learn how you feel with certain foods. Experiment with different strategies. Read our blogs, listen to our podcast, and ask us “why”. Doing our job well means we’re teaching you how to listen to your body and helping you understand the why behind what you’re doing. All of that starts with you.
Communicate– Ask for what you need, develop those relationships, and work on connecting with your coach, the staff, and the community. Don’t be shy and don’t hide. We’re here to help but we encourage you to be open.
Align expectations with effort– You may be doing great without realizing it. Don’t let an unrealistic expectation tell you otherwise. On the flipside, if you’re not following and waiting for results you have to acknowledge your efforts and adjust.
Fall in love with the process– This doesn’t mean you have to enjoy tracking food and stepping on scales but it does mean to appreciate the feeling you get from consistently making the right decisions. If you want instant gratification, that’s where you get it.
Be coachable– Everything we do is to make you better. Please allow us to do the best job possible by asking questions, giving us your trust, and learning along the way.
Be honest with yourself and others– Stronger U is built on data and feedback. If we don’t have accurate info we cannot provide the best possible solutions. Audit and assess your decisions and make sure you’re open and honest so you can get the best possible results.
Own your choices– Whether you follow or not, it will be a choice you are making. Feel it, understand why it happened, and own it. The more you do that, the more in control you will feel.
Remember WHY you’re here– Something led you to SU. Think back on that moment and let it be the motivation you need.
Change is earned– Nothing here happens by accident. If you truly want to change you truly have to change.
“Mess up” on purpose– You may be wondering what we mean so allow us to explain. Life is important and we don’t want you missing out on the most memorable moments just to stick to your plan. There will be times when you should enjoy – take advantage of them when they make sense. Remember, it’s not about what you do sometimes, it’s about what you do most of the time.




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