100 pounds lost!

Stronger U helped me learn that no food is good or bad, we can enjoy an amazing variety of foods as long as it fits into our daily macros.

Emily H.

5 stars

The program WORKS. Its easy to follow, you just need to put in the work, be consistent and be disciplined. My coach, Dean, was awesome and helped me figure out how to work this into my life for the long term. I’m in the best shape of my adult life, feel healthy and have confidence I’ll keep the weight off. Cannot recommend StrongerU highly enough.


5 stars

Stronger U taught me how to properly fuel my body for my running events and hiking excursions. Plus, it also taught me successful tips for an “on the go” lifestyle!


5 stars

It was a relief to know that the dress I picked out for a friend's wedding would still fit, even though I had been non-stop traveling for work. And for once I truly wanted to be in the wedding pictures!


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"I lost over 100 pounds. 100 pounds. But, that’s not all I lost. I lost 8 dress sizes. I lost 12 inches from my waist. I lost the feelings of self-doubt and self-consciousness. I lost the habit of eating in secret, binging and self-sabotage. I lost the guilt and hatred I felt toward myself. I Lost The Excuses. And while I lost a lot, I also found a lot. I found myself. "

Morgan K.

"I can eat what I love and not feel guilty. I don’t have to cut out whole food groups. I am lighter, faster and stronger. But most of all I found a love for this incredible system of bones, organs and muscles that I live in every day. Life doesn’t have to be about dieting and being miserable."


"The program truly has taught me how to eat to fuel my activity level- how to plan for all the social eating opportunities and to take into account all the other aspects of my life that lead to my well being. Being a part of the SU family has taught me so much and I am forever grateful!"

Leigh P.

"I’ve seen tremendous results in about 5 months. My coach Sam Walker is very knowledgeable and he has steered me in the right direction and has helped me with his many suggestions and explanations of things and how the body works. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me what I am doing and have commented that I look great."

Ian K.

"Wow, if I had to describe my Stronger U experience in one word, it would be: empowering! It’s given me accountability, tools to succeed, and encouragement along the way. My coach, Jeni, is incredible, sassy, and supportive—I adore her!"

Kim T.

"The biggest thing for me is you have an actual person that is supporting you and saying all the right things. If I have a question on tracking or eating out or even if I am falling off the wagon Holli is there to guide me. Everything else failed because they were built on unsustainable changes and there was not someone to redirect my focus and goals when I would wake up and say I don’t want to do this anymore."

Nicki D.

"I've been with Stronger U on and off for over 3 years. I've lost around 60 lbs and have been able to keep it off."

Anna A.

"The beauty of Stronger U is that it's the whole package. Yes, you get the nutrition guidelines, but you also get this incredible community and support that understands that life is not perfect and you're going to have times when you stumble a little."

Julie A.

"The accountability alone made a huge difference. I completed two 12 week sessions and have been on maintenance since January 2020."

Bonny R.

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