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Mallory has Lost 40 Pounds While Living in a Camper Van

In September 2021, Mallory, her husband, and their dog Roo shifted into gear and rolled out of their hometown of Red Cliff, CO, with their sights set on a grand adventure in their camper van for an entire year.  “When I started on the road in September, we were very new to this concept of our life getting about 3000 sq feet smaller. We were sitting a lot, we were driving a lot, and we were driving by all the fast food.”    

Road Trip Tips from a Stronger U Coach

Crank up the radio and roll the windows down, it’s summer, which means Stronger U members are hitting the open road on road trips, camping excursions, and so much more. Stronger U coach Katie Leahy, RD, is dishing her common member tips for making this year’s road trip the best one yet, with gas station and packing tips, how to handle the road, and much more!

Erin’s Stronger U Story

I am a 35-year old sales professional who loves to spend time with her family (husband, Ryan, & kids, Conor (5) & Makena (3)), travel, and eat (shocking I know ). I spend most of my day in front of my computer working or chasing around my two kiddos, with such limited time outside of work and family I have struggled with my health/weight, which is what brought me to Stronger U.

8 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Road trips are one of the most fun and exciting parts of summer travel. Whether you’re heading a couple hours away from home or all the way across the country, packing portable and easy-to-grab food can not only help you stay on track with your goals but will save you from having to make unwanted pit stops along the way and spend extra money on foods you may not even enjoy.  

Bill’s Stronger U Story

I am 55 years old, and live in Louisville,Kentucky. I have been married to my wife, Melissa for 31 years. We have two grown sons, and our dog Willow. I am a general manager for a large casual dining restaurant.

Sara’s Stronger U Story

Hi! I’m Sara, a stay-at-home mom. I have two sweet boys, Forde (2) and Trace (4). My husband, Stefan, is an active duty service member and we currently live on a little island off the coast of Southern California. I enjoy all the things the good weather and our small town has to offer, tons of beach trips, lots of outdoor time, parks, and good food. In my spare time (which currently there is little to none – hello preschoolers!) I love a good book, an endorphin vacation through my peloton, a long walk with a good podcast, a great movie, or anything else to help my brain unwind.

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