Introducing NEW Stronger U Membership Options


Introducing the new Stronger U membership options to support your nutrition and well-being journey 

Progress isn’t always linear. You need a membership that reflects that and a coach who can guide you along the way. There are seasons throughout both the year and your life where you may need more support and some where you will need less. This will look different for every individual, which is why personalization is a key component of our program and now a bigger part of our membership options, too.  

Once you’ve completed a minimum of 12 weeks as a Stronger U member with the Weekly Check-In membership ($159), you may continue with weekly check-ins or choose to transition to the Bi-Weekly Check-In ($119) or Monthly Check-In ($99) options based on your personal preferences, goals, and lifestyle!  

To determine the best path to continue your journey, your coach can offer advice and suggestions for your next step. The idea is to have the flexibility to choose an option that will align with your needs at a given time while still benefiting from unparalleled membership education and perks.  

Below are four ways this update to our membership options will improve your member experience even more! 

1. You can keep your coach  

Whether you need more support or less support, you can continue working with the same coach throughout your Stronger U journey, regardless of membership type. In fact, your coach can offer advice on which option may work best for your unique situation. If you do upgrade to more check-ins or decide to check-in less frequently, your coach will be alongside you.   

2. You have support throughout your entire journey 

You’ll often hear us refer to your Stronger U experience as a journey because we genuinely believe it is. You may start out needing maximum support and accountability and gradually gain the knowledge and tools where you’ll find yourself needing less. Eventually, moving from weekly check-ins to bi-weekly check-ins and then monthly check-ins. In between those times, you may set a new goal or go through a life change that calls for additional support again. You and your coach can align on a plan to change how often you check-in. 

3. You have the flexibility to change your membership 

Another benefit of our membership options is that they’re flexible! Once you’ve met the criteria of a minimum of 12 weeks as a Stronger U member with weekly check-ins, you can alternate between the options as your needs change.  

We highly recommend working with your coach to determine which check-in frequency is the best for you moving forward.  

 4. You can choose from different levels of accountability 

You’re 95% more likely to reach your goals with an accountability coach. However, the amount of accountability you need may differ from someone else’s. While all our members will begin their first three months with weekly accountability check-ins, once you’ve been with Stronger U for a while, you may need less accountability but still want the support and convenience of having an expert in your corner.   

If you’re a current member, talk with your coach about which option may be best for you. For new or returning members, contact our Member Experience Team so they can help you get started! 


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