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12 Ways To Shop On A Budget And Hit Your Numbers

Did you know food costs account for about 12.5% of your average income?

The Stronger U Member Spotlight: Bela Gesztesi

“My health is now the best it’s ever been. I have reduced my cholesterol by 68 points!”


Alcohol vs. Diet Soda — The Results Are In

Diet soda is worse than alcohol… according to a bunch of people who answered a question posted on the Internet.

The Stronger U Member Spotlight: Kelly Stone

“I’ve become NICER, which I think just means I smile more and am not so defensive and shy as I once was.”

Why Setting a Goal Weight Is a Terrible Idea

“Let’s review why I think this way and see how good I am at convincing you of the same.” – Mike Doehla

Does Age Matter For Weight Loss?

Does age really make a massive difference when it comes to weight loss?

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