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Just Eat Real Food?

Why I think “just eat real food” is the laziest nutrition advice on the planet:

Every single person already knows that but is really messing it up. We try to shop the perimeter. We try to cut sugar. We reduce the packaged foods, and we’re still not getting better. Everyone thinks they eat better than they do. Do they really?

So what is the problem? Hormones, age, bad luck, your grandparent’s stupid genes? The problem is dieting perception and accepting we may be doing something wrong.

People generally have little concept of amounts, the impacts of eating out all the time, weekends off, mindless snacking, and drinks.

If you are eating well and not changing you have look at those things first…then admit you may be sabotaging your efforts and address changes you are willing to make to move forward. That’s the way you actually change.

Mike Doehla
Founder and CEO