Mar, 18

Diet Mode vs. Lifestyle Mode

Written By Mike Doehla
Founder and CEO

Diet mode is when you have a specific goal. Losing fat, building muscle, or prepping for a competition. While Diet mode is turned on you should be almost perfect. I said almost. Nobody’s perfect and nobody should expect it. In Diet mode, you should limit the drinking, eating out, and hard to track adventurous foods. Slips may happen here and there but the sacrifice is needed to remain in diet mode.

Be careful not let Diet mode come in contact with Lifestyle mode too often or it will quickly be infected and become Lifestyle mode. Diet mode gives you total control of your goals and may be necessary at times. It sucks, I know.

Lifestyle mode is what you cruise with. You can unlock Lifestyle mode after you complete Diet mode. Unlocking Lifestyle mode allows you to live a little because you picked up the habits needed to automatically make better decisions. At this point, you know what’s healthy, what’s not, and how to strategize. You may be able to get a little loose here and enjoy more. Untracked meals out, drinks, and more adventurous foods come back into play but you still must be aware, honest with yourself, and careful.

Lifestyle mode is great for those who have met a goal and want to maintain progress or are ok making slower progress. Lifestyle mode is where you may want to eventually settle in. You are still aware of your food environment but you are experienced enough to enjoy yourselves guilt free within reason.

You may toggle between Diet mode and Lifestyle mode as you see fit. This can depend on goals, events, time of year, or necessary mental breaks.

Handle these modes properly and you get to play the bonus round. A long, healthy, and enjoyable life.