8 Ways My Evil Cat Made Me A Healthier Person

Mike Doehla
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A lot of you know about Cat. You may think she’s cute and harmless but there are two sides to every story. If you didn’t know, Cat was not my idea. I inherited her when I met Crista. I usually refer to this little maniac as Cat because I don’t respect her enough to use her full name (Gizmo) but I owe her a lot. Since I work from home I get to observe quite a bit of her habits and my crazy brain made me realize I can be doing things just like her to enhance my health and wellbeing. I really hate admitting she’s had made a positive impact on my life but I think we can learn a thing or two about her habits. This is why I’m writing this. And I really hope she doesn’t find out because she’ll definitely have the upper hand.

Morning water.

Without fail every morning when I make my trip to the bathroom, Gizmo is right behind me. She jumps on the counter and pretends to love me until I turn the faucet on. She sits there for about 15 minutes jacking up my water bill just to get some hydration. What did I learn? Do the same but instead of dunking my head in the sink I can get it from a glass. The first thing I do after the bathroom is crush a big glass of water. Many people are walking around dehydrated and this helped me realize it’s best to start the day with a little H20 so I’m not playing catch up all day.

Meal frequency.

I’m a big fan of consistency so being as busy as I am (or as busy as I pretend to be) I lose track of time a lot and that means my meals get thrown off. Gizmo reminds me about the value in keeping meal timing consistent so you can focus on other things. Not because I think it’s going to give me extra special results, but more so because it keeps a nice schedule going. Gizmo is the queen of keeping a schedule in place and if it gets messed up she’ll jump on my face while I sleep through her breakfast and grab my feet if I don’t get her dinner on time.

Simple meals.

Another thing Gizmo taught me is that it’s ok to eat simple-boring meals. Every day her meals are pretty much the same. I realize it’s not her choice but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s ok with it. Every day she’s pumped to crush some crunchy nibbles and some variation of a gravy covered paste. To me, it seems gross but when you’re truly hungry you’re ok with simple. Keeping your meals basic with a variety of flavors can make everything easy. It reduces decision fatigue, ensures digestion is consistent and doesn’t allow for accidental overages. This is basically me saying eating simple is possible and much easier than you realize. Remember, there are no boring meals only boring cooks.


Something we all can’t get in but should try is naps. Gizmo loves taking naps and I think it’s a big part of her health, energy, and beautiful coat. Ugh, I hate complimenting her. Every once in a while I think my dreams came true and she ran away but then I’ll find her passed out mid-day, looking cute as hell making me feel guilty. A lot of us struggle to get a full night sleep between work, kids, and not knowing how to disconnect. Getting in a quick nap can help.


Again, my cat is weird. Gizmo is an indoor cat, even though I’ve been trying to kick her butt outside. Without fail, every few hours I’ll hear jumping up and down making weird noises. I supposed I should thank her for being a reason I get out of the chair every few hours. She’s a good reminder that you can get a lot done with very little. Her activity of choice is throwing around a partially stuffed mouse toy and if she can get some movement in with that we can get some movement in with even less.


This is probably the weirdest thing I learned from Gizmo but this weirdo loves veggies. How do I know? One night when I turned my head she stole the broccoli I wasn’t going to eat from my Chinese food. I know you probably don’t believe me and that’s ok but I have the pics and video to prove this crime. She made me realize that I should just start eating more greens in spite of her and to rub it in her face since she doesn’t get any. I’m not the biggest veggie lover but if Cat is cool with it we should be too.

Being ok with “no”.

Gizmo is a beggar. We do have treats for her and I limit how much she gets because I have to show her who’s boss. She knows where they are, and she’s even opened the pantry. I usually just distract her by throwing her toy mouse and she forgets about the urge. This helped me realize I don’t always want treats it’s just that I may be a little bored. So be like cat and walk away and do something else. Read a book, prep your meals ;), and tell yourself “I don’t need it”.

Consistent Bedtime.

Ok, I’m not giving her all the credit. I’m taking this one. As much good influence Gizmo has on me, she is a follower. I’m pretty sure she hates me but she loves being around Crista and me, more so Crista and when we go to bed she goes to bed. You’re welcome, Gizmo. You’re a better cat because you get to bed at a decent hour and get a full night’s sleep.

The truth is I actually love Cat and I hate admitting it because I’m certain she uses me for water, breakfast, toys, and veggies. But I suppose every cat dad goes through similar.

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